Bhavana Barde

Business Category: Caterer and specialty health foods manufacturer
Company: SuperFood Veda
Position: Owner
Phone Number: 812.786.3084

Member Profile

Superfoods Veda company is dedicated towards the use of ghee and other “super foods” in daily diets. Superfoods Veda makes ghee as its primary product, which comes in the original ghee, as well as with spices added such as ginger & garlic, and turmeric & black pepper. The company also makes a product called Golden Milk paste, which is a blend of spices such as turmeric, honey, black pepper, etc. combined with the original Superfoods Veda ghee. One tablespoon of this aromatic paste mixed with your choice of warm milk provides an array of nutritional gains to the body. The golden milk paste provides anti-oxidants, digestive soothing, immune boost, and many other beneficial properties.